Friday, December 10, 2010

Best Dog Walking Shoes

The best dog walking shoes by far! Waterproof, comfortable, durable. I even have really wide feet and they work! This is my 3rd pair. Have not found a shoe that tops it.®-w.html

UPDATE 11/29/11

The link above doesn't work anymore. Here's the Salomon Trail Running Shoes link for general reference. I really like Salomon, bottom line.

As I'm looking for another pair of Salomon XA Comp 5 GTX for this winter, I've come to find out Salomon has changed the shoe and now offers the XA Comp 6 GTX. Uggh. I will never understand why shoe companies don't leave well enough alone. Version 6 looks like it might be too narrow for me with the new design.

If you can find an old XA Comp 3, that is just as good. I didn't like the version 4 because it rode up too high on the achilles. The 5 was perfect. Some of the outdoor outfitters still have them. Although I'm having a hard time finding them in my size.

If all else fails, these other Salomon shoes are great, I've had 2 pairs of the regular version, not ClimaShield, they worked great over the summer and fall. I think I will try the ClimaShield first and if that doesn't hold me, I'll try the XA Comp 6 GTX. ---------UPDATE 6/23/12--------- See my latest post on shoes ... Salomon's XR Mission! The best of the best!